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Embrace Autumn Elegance: Unveiling Our Most Popular Hardware This Fall

Embrace Autumn Elegance: Unveiling Our Most Popular Hardware This Fall

Fall is drawing to a close, and winter is coming. This fall, Stone Harbor Hardware was able to help customers outfit their homes in a variety of ways. We are excited to highlight a few products that customers utilized in their projects during the fall season! Whether it be door stops, strike plates, or backplates for closet door knobs; Stone Harbor Hardware products make for great enhancements to any home!

Heavy-Duty Solid Door Stops

Our heavy-duty solid door stops are precision-crafted solutions designed to prevent wall damage if doors are mistakenly thrown open. These door stops combine durability with sophistication, featuring a sleek design and durable construction. Our heavy-duty solid door stops can be used effectively in both residential and commercial applications, making them a suitable option for homeowners or property managers. Outfit your home with these sturdy and stylish door stops for a seamless blend of practicality and aesthetics.3" heavy-duty solid door stops - shown in antique brass, satin nickel, and vintage bronze

Extended Lip Strike Plates

Designed to optimize security and functionality, our extended lip strike plates make for an excellent upgrade to any home or property! Our strike plates feature an extended lip, providing enhanced reinforcement for door latches and deadbolts. The extended lip design not only fortifies your door's security but also reduces general wear and tear on both the latch and door jamb. Upgrade your entryways with Stone Harbor Hardware extended lip strike plates for a combination of robust security and lasting performance.Extended strike plates

Bi-Fold Closet Knob Backplates

Our bi-fold closet knob backplates are the perfect complement to your bi-fold closet doors, adding a touch of elegance and functionality to your space. Crafted from reliable materials, they ensure durability and longevity, enhancing the overall aesthetic of your doors. Paired with any of our bi-fold knobs, the backplates serve as both protective shields for your doors and stylish accents that tie together the design of your space. Outfit your closet doors with Stone Harbor Hardware bi-fold closet knob backplates, where practicality meets refined design.Closet doors with bi-fold knobs with backplates

From captivating door stops that seamlessly blend form and function to extended lip strike plates offering enhanced security, and the stylish backplates accentuating bi-fold closet doors, each piece has left an indelible mark on homes seeking a touch of refinement. We extend our gratitude to our valued customers for making these selections the stars of the season. As winter approaches, let these hardware choices continue to inspire and elevate your living spaces. At Stone Harbor Hardware, we look forward to being part of your ongoing journey in transforming houses into homes.

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