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Exploring Door Hinges: Standard vs. Ball-Bearing

Exploring Door Hinges: Standard vs. Ball-Bearing

When choosing door hardware for your home, the type of hinges you select can greatly impact the functionality and style of your doorways. A variety of door hinge options are available. However, standard door hinges and ball-bearing door hinges are by far the most common. How do you know which of these two options is right for your home? Stone Harbor Hardware is here to help you answer this question as we explore the differences between standard and ball-bearing door hinges! 

Vintage Bronze Door Hinge on a Golden Oak Door

Standard Door Hinges: Traditional and Reliable 

Standard door hinges, or butt hinges, are the most common type of door hinges that you will find in use within residential settings. Standard hinges are constructed of two leaves connected together via a hinge pin that, when installed, allows doors to swing open and closed.  

3-1/2" Standard Door Hinges in Satin Brass

Ease of installation and minimal maintenance are key selling points for standard door hinges. Butt hinges are a great choice for most interior residential doors and select light-duty exterior doors. While installation is simple and maintenance is limited, standard door hinges do not last forever as general wear and tear can result in sagging doors and squeaking hinges over time. 

Ball-Bearing Door Hinges: Smooth and Durable 

On the other hand, ball-bearing door hinges, due to their construction, are able to withstand general wear and tear more effectively than standard hinges. These hinges feature ball bearings between the hinge knuckles which help to distribute weight evenly across the hinge and reduce friction. 

As a result, ball-bearing door hinges are less prone to squeaking and sagging with repeated use, making them a great choice for doorways with higher traffic. Heavier doors are also more effectively supported by ball-bearing hinges and their use on entry doors for residences and throughout commercial properties is quite common. 

3-1/2" Ball-Bearing Hinges with Decorative Hinge Pin Caps

Choosing the Right Hinges for Your Needs 

Ultimately, the choice of hinge is up to each individual customer’s needs. If you have doorways that do not see a lot of traffic — for use with closets or pantries —standard hinges will work quite well. However, higher traffic doorways, like entryways, might require ball-bearing hinges. 

Regardless of the choice you make, Stone Harbor Hardware has a wide range of standard and ball-bearing hinges for you to choose from! Both hinge options are also available in a variety of unique finish options that can match nearly any interior décor. Shop our selection of standard door hinges and ball-bearing door hinges for yourself today! 

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