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Hardware Basics: All About Hooks

Hardware Basics: All About Hooks

How much do you think about hooks? Sure, they’re a convenient place to hang your coat, but if you think outside of the box, you’ll find that hooks can be used for so much more.

Mudrooms and entryways are the perfect place for coat hooks. Install a couple hooks in the wall near the door, and you’ll have a place to hang your keys when you come home each day. No more frantic searching for your car keys in the morning! If you have dogs, consider adding a hook near the back door for their leashes as well, so you can go for a walk at a moment’s notice.

For a more decorative look, consider mounting several coat hooks to a decorative piece of wood, and then mount the wood on the wall. Use a weathered piece of pallet wood for a rustic look, or, if you prefer traditional styles, attach the hooks to a painted or stained board.

Locker hooks are perfect for mudrooms too. Install one for each child, and they’ll have a convenient place to hang coats and backpacks after school each day. Remember that hooks are only as strong as whatever you install them in though. If you expect a hook to hold a backpack full of books, make sure you anchor the hook into the studs.  

Undercabinet Hooks

Kitchens are another great place for hooks. Mount a small hook near the sink so your dishtowel is always close by, or use one to hang up a cute apron. Or, install some hooks to the underside of a kitchen cabinet, and then use them to display some of your favorite mugs. This is especially helpful if you put the hooks in the cabinet closest to your coffee pot – your mugs will be close by every morning!

Hooks are also ideal for small spaces, especially bathrooms. A tiny bathroom may only have room for one 18” towel bar, limiting your morning routine. The same space, however, could hold two to three robe hooks, giving you more space to hang bath towels every day.

Take a fresh look at your home. You might be surprised to see where hooks could be helpful!

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