Heavy Duty Double Acting Spring Hinge

SKU 56504-10B

Double-Acting Spring Hinges: Modern Functionality Meets Elegant Design

Our Double-Acting Spring Hinges are designed to provide seamless movement for doors that swing in both directions. Ideal for creating unique and functional entryways, these hinges offer a contemporary solution for various spaces in your home. Experience the convenience and style that these innovative hinges bring to your interiors.

Key Features:

  • Bidirectional Swing: Allows doors to swing in both directions, offering flexibility and ease of access.
  • Easy Installation: No hanging strip required, and includes screws for a simple setup. Sold individually for customized ordering.
  • Adjustable Spring Tension: Customize the swing tension to achieve the perfect movement and alignment for your doors.
  • Interior Use Optimized: Crafted for interior applications, ensuring optimal performance and aesthetics indoors.

Size and Weight Specifications:

  • 4-inch Hinge: Fits 7/8-inch to 1 1/8-inch door thickness, rated for 75 pounds using 3 hinges.
  • 5-inch Hinge: Fits 1 1/8-inch to 1 3/8-inch door thickness, rated for 100 pounds using 3 hinges.
  • 6-inch Hinge: Fits 1 1/4-inch to 1 3/4-inch door thickness, rated for 125 pounds using 3 hinges.

Why Choose Our Double-Acting Spring Hinges?

  • Versatility: Designed to fit a wide range of door sizes, offering flexibility for various applications.
  • Modern Design: Sleek and functional, these hinges add a contemporary touch to your home.
  • Quality Construction: Built with durable materials to withstand daily use, providing long-lasting performance.

Enhance Your Space:

Create distinctive and practical entryways throughout your home with our Double-Acting Spring Hinges. Perfect for enhancing kitchens, dining areas, or any room that benefits from free-flowing access.

Spec Sheet for double-acting hinge
Instructions for double-acting hinge

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