Round Pocket Door Lock Bed/Bath Latch

SKU 811-11P

A beautiful and functional round lock and latch for your pocket door. The latch face opens with the push of a finger and acts as a pull to open the door.

Function (Privacy):
Privacy style knobs and levers are used to secure the interior rooms of a home. An inside turn button both locks and unlocks the hardware, which can also be unlocked from the outside in emergencies by rotating the exterior privacy mechanism. Perfect for master bedrooms, bathrooms, offices/dens, or anywhere privacy is needed.

  • Available in either a 2 3/8-inch or 2 3/4-inch backset, for more information refer to our FAQ.

Spec sheet for 2 3/8-inch Round Pocket Door Lock Bed/Bath Latch
Spec sheet for 2 3/4-inch Round Pocket Door Lock Bed/Bath Latch

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