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Answers for All Your Barn Door Questions!

Answers for All Your Barn Door Questions!

As sliding barn doors continue to grow in popularity, you may be wondering if they’re right for you. After all, they’re all over Pinterest, Houzz, and Instagram! With so many styles and options, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the information online.

Wagon Wheel Sliding Door

Luckily, we have answers to some of the most common barn door questions.

  1. Where should I use a sliding barn door?
    Sliding barn doors are a great, space-saving option for bathrooms, closets, home offices, dens, and laundry rooms.

  2. Are sliding barn doors soundproof?
    Because sliding barn doors slide over the opening, instead of fitting into a doorway, they aren’t quite as soundproof as a traditional door. This isn’t usually a big deal for closets and mudrooms, but may be something to consider if you plan to install one in a bathroom or bedroom.

  3. What’s a header board, and do I need one?
    A header board is a piece of wood that helps support the weight of your barn door. We recommend anchoring the header board into the studs and then mounting the track for your barn door in the header board.

  4. How long should my barn door track be?
    Your track length should be determined by the width of the door opening and the width of the door. For a 36” door, you’ll need a track that’s at least 6’ long. 48” doors should be hung on a track that’s at least 8’ long. Keep in mind that your door should be 3” wider and 2” taller than your finished opening, and the track should be long enough to allow the door to completely clear the opening when the door is open.

  5. What is the “soft close” option for sliding barn doors?
    Many sliding barn door sets have a “soft close” option that can be added to the track to help slow the door as it approaches the end of the track. This keeps the rollers from slamming into the stop when someone pushes the door open.

  6. Can I put a lock on a sliding barn door?
    Yes! From simple hook-and-eye sets to latches that lock the door in place, there are many ways to lock sliding barn doors.
    Sliding Door Latch
  7. Can I install a sliding barn door myself?
    If you have some basic tools and are relatively handy, you can install a sliding barn door yourself! You may want to have someone around to give you a hand putting the header board in place and lifting the door on to the track. Before you begin, read the installation instructions that come with your hardware set and make sure that you understand all the steps!
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SteffieLynn Palmer Palmer Home MECHANIX - December 19, 2023

I recently built a pair of barn doors from solid rough cut cherry. Doors weigh about 150 lbs each. Used a 2 × 6 anchored into every wall stud with 2 lag screws on every wall stud.

Marques Pullum - April 20, 2023

What size header board would you recommend for my barn door. The barn door size is 96×36in. The barn door rail is 78.75in long. The actual door opening is 90×30in. Your recommendation would be extremely helpful. Thankful

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