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Create a Custom Look With Sliding Doors

Create a Custom Look With Sliding Doors

When it comes to customizing your house, there are many ways to set your home apart. You can paint the front door, change the hardware on your kitchen cabinets and hang your favorite pictures on the walls. For many people, that’s where the customization ends. But, with sliding “barn door” hardware, your home’s doorways can make a statement.

Sliding door hardware is available in many different styles. Combine stainless steel hardware with sleek, flat panel doors to create a completely modern look. Wagon wheel and horseshoe-style hangers are the perfect accent for log cabins or homes with western styling, especially when paired with reclaimed barn wood. (If you don’t have old barn wood handy, Pinterest is full of ideas on for building your own barn door.) 

Wagon Wheel Sliding Door Set

Since sliding doors don’t swing out into a room, they can be perfect space-savers in bathrooms, bedrooms and laundry rooms. They aren’t as soundproof as a traditional door, so keep that in mind if you’re concerned about privacy. They’re also a great option for home offices and dens. You can easily close off the room while working or studying, and slide the doors open when the room is not in use.

Before you rush out and hang a new sliding door, take a few minutes to do some research and plan your project. Sliding doors require empty wall space next to the doorway for operation, and since barn doors are usually heavy, you will need to install a header board above the door opening for extra support. Be sure your hardware can support the door you’ve chosen as well. (Stone Harbor sliding door sets can support doors up to 200 pounds.)

Once you’ve done your homework, installing the sliding door is a quick project. If you’re relatively handy, you can probably tackle it in a weekend. Just follow the installation instructions included with your hardware, and before you know it, you’ll have a doorway worth bragging about.  

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Peninsula Mobile Screens - August 8, 2022

Great read! I agree that sliding doors save space and give that artistic vibes to the room. I’m wondering if you would also suggest screen doors? I’ve always wanted to install phantom screen doors which I discovered at this site since they just look like glass doors. Do you think they would look good on the patio as sliding doors?

Mats Wolff - June 15, 2022

I want to replace the siding in my room this weekend since there are some holes in my current one. I’m glad when you said that sliding door hardware comes in a variety of designs. I would need to talk to a professional to get a suitable window siding for my room. Thanks for the article!

Dean Phillips - July 15, 2021

Last Saturday in the afternoon, I visited my sister’s home which is currently under renovation. She was telling me about how she was looking into sliding door hardware that was needed during the installation. I offered to look into it and luckily for her, I stumbled on your very informative article here. I really appreciate you mentioning that since barn doors are usually heavy, you will need to install a header board above the door opening for extra support. This is a good point you make, which I’m sure those installing sliding doors will be glad to be mindful of. Thank you! I’ll share this with my sister in a bit!

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