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Finish of the Month: Matte Black

Finish of the Month: Matte Black

When it comes to hardware finishes, matte black offers something for every home. It can be sophisticated or casual, and it goes with numerous styles.

As its name implies, matte black hardware has a matte, or “flat” finish, rather than a reflective, glossy surface. This means you’re less likely to spend time wiping fingerprints off your pulls. And while there are other dark finishes out there, many of these finishes (like vintage bronze or oil-rubbed bronze), have warm, brown undertones. Matte black is simply a dark, rich black, making it a great neutral for your home.

Paired with shaker-style cabinets and an apron sink, matte black hardware adds a classic, farmhouse feel to a kitchen. It contrasts beautifully with white or cream cabinets, lending an old-world touch to a new kitchen.

Livingstone Matte Black

For a more contemporary look, choose matte black pulls or knobs in crisp, geometric shapes. The sharp, clean lines of the Livingstone knob and pull are the perfect match for both modern and Art Deco homes.

Matte black hardware is a great fit for rustic and craftsman styles as well. With its hammered details, the Arts & Crafts pull makes a statement in a craftsman-styled kitchen, especially when paired with medium-stained wood cabinets.

Matte Black Arts & Crafts

So whether you’re looking to make a bold statement in a bathroom or add a simple touch to your kitchen, matte black hardware might be the answer you’ve been looking for!

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