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Details Make the Difference: The One Room Challenge with the Highland Knob

Details Make the Difference: The One Room Challenge with the Highland Knob

Recently, we collaborated with Jacqueline of Aurora by Jacqueline Interior Design for the One Room Challenge (learn more about the One Room Challenge here: Jacqueline utilized Stone Harbor Hardware’s Highland door knob in a project to update the kitchen in her rental property. 

One Room Challenge - Before One Room Challenge - After

The refined simplicity of the Highland door knob brings the perfect finishing touch to any room and works particularly well with a farmhouse aesthetic. Jacqueline has shown this element of the Highland knob quite well with her project!  

One Room Challenge - Before (table angle) 

One Room Challenge - After (table angle)

Check out some of the great photos that Jacqueline took to highlight her work and transformation of her kitchen. The matte black Highland knobs look excellent with the other aesthetic changes that Jacqueline made.

One Room Challenge - Kitchen Update with Highland Knob

One Room Challenge - Kitchen Update - Entry View

Jacqueline wrote two blog posts about this project. Check them out here: 

Also, make sure to follow Jacqueline on all of her social media platforms for more great tips on renter-friendly interior design projects to enhance your living space! 

 *All photos courtesy of Jacqueline

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Jacqueline Schowetsky - July 6, 2023

I loved working with Stone Harbor Hardware and recommend their products for anyone looking to outfit their home with new beautiful hardware.

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