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Finish of the Month: Polished Brass

Finish of the Month: Polished Brass

Trends come and go, but classic styles and finishes never truly go out of style. Polished brass hardware was the go-to choice for homes in many years. Its polished surface adds a warm shine to homes, and it is seen most often in traditional and colonial style homes.

If you like painted cabinets, consider pairing polished brass hardware with dark cabinets. Brass pulls and navy blue paint truly bring out the best in each other. Polished brass hardware also complements stained cabinets, especially in traditional homes. 

Gibraltar Collection in Polished Brass

As with other polished finishes, water spots and fingerprints will easily show on polished brass hardware. If this bothers you, simply keep a microfiber cloth handy to wipe off any smudges.

Also, many older homes have polished brass hinges, door stops or other hardware. If you want to update your door locks, but don’t have the money to replace all of your hardware, choosing polished brass locks can help keep your remodeling budget on track.

So if you’re looking for a finish that will stand the test of time, give polished brass a try.

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