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Picking the Perfect Pull: A Guide for Choosing Cabinet Hardware

Picking the Perfect Pull: A Guide for Choosing Cabinet Hardware

Choosing cabinet hardware can seem overwhelming. Do you want knobs or pulls? Maybe a combination of knobs and pulls would look best, but then how do you know what size pulls to use? What style matches your house? And then you need to pick a finish – satin nickel is a classic choice, but what about matte black? Or polished chrome? How do you even know where to start?  

Keeping a few simple tips in mind can make the decision much easier though!   

  1. Start with your style. Is your home full of modern designs that call for a “less is more” approach? Choose contemporary pulls with sleek designs. If your cabinets feature traditional crown moldings, you may want to use hardware with traditional shapes or more intricate details. If your home has rustic touches like barn board doors and exposed beams, choose hardware that coordinates with the rustic, farmhouse look.
    Satin Nickel Bar Pulls
  2. Decide on a design. You can opt for all knobs, all pulls, or a combination! Many people use knobs on doors and pulls on drawers, but it’s perfectly acceptable to use all knobs or all pulls.

  3. Choose your size. If you’re replacing existing hardware, it’s easiest to use pulls with the same center-to-center measurements. (This will eliminate the need to patch holes or cover up marks from the old hardware.)

    If you’re starting from scratch, choose a pull that’s roughly one-third the length of the door or drawer face. This will help it appear visually balanced. You can also use some painter’s tape or masking tape to give you an idea of how the pull would fit on the drawer or door before you drill holes!
    Jetstream Pulls in Satin Nickel and Matte Black
    If you’re using knobs, make sure the knobs won’t appear too large (or too small) on the face of the cabinet. (It can be helpful to pick up a couple pieces to use as a sample before you commit to an entire room’s worth of hardware!)
  1. Find your finish. Cabinet hardware is the jewelry of the room! Add some sparkle with polished chrome pulls or make a dramatic statement with a dark finish like matte black or vintage bronze. Textured finishes like weathered nickel are a great option for rustic homes, and satin nickel is a classic option for numerous styles.

With these guidelines, choosing hardware doesn’t have to be a hassle!

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